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Upgrade set for sniper rifles L96, MB01,05,06, SW M24, M99... - M140

Product Code : ASPRO379
Availability: 2 pcs
39,93 EUR

Description :

Durable and light upgrade set for spring action airsoft rifles. Package include all what is needed for basic upgrade.

Hybrid Piston

  • Made by CNC machining from light, but durable aluminum alloy 6061-T6 (Dural) with a high-quality anodized finish.

  • POM ring for better sliding in the cylinder

  • Catch back end part made of stainless steel.

  • Back-pressure system with O-ring (O-ring expands and seals better when shotting).

  • Rubber front pad. The impacts of the piston are so quieter and the impact is spread over a larger area.

  • Dimensions: lenght - 117mm, outer diameter - 19,8mm, inner diameter - 13,5mm .
  • Weight: 30g.

Spring guide

  • Allows the use of classic 7mm springs and stronger 9mm spring springs.

  • Axial bearing makes pull back much smoother, because of limited spring rotation.

  • The spring guide is made of stainless steel with a perfectly smooth surface.


  • High-quality spring made of spring wire with heat treatment and grinded ends.
  • Chemically blackened against corrosion.
  • The outer diameter of the spring is about 12.8mm.
  • Springs are offered in range from M110 to M190. You can simply select it before add into shopping cart.

Warning: We do not take responsibility on gun damage due to the use of very strong springs. Stronger M180 and M190 springs are hard to stretch. The reasonable spring is about M150.



  • Maruzen APS 2, EX , Type96
  • Well MB01, MB04, MB05, MB06, MB08, MB13, MB14
  • Snow Wolf (SW) M24 SW-04 , M99
  • SAG E&C L96 Specna Arms L96

Photo : Upgrade set for sniper rifles L96, MB01,05,06, SW M24, M99... - M140

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