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90° upgrade set AWS, MB44xx SNIPER - model 2015

Product Code : ASPRO280
Availability: 1 pcs
25,68 EUR

Description :

Durable and light upgrade set for manual sniper rifles. Package contain light 2015 hybrid piston , tempered spring and steel, 9mm steel spring guide.

Hybird Piston made of 3 kinds metal. Aluminium piston light body provides a great reduction for the weight, POM (polyacetal) ring in the middle provides minimum friction against the cylinder, and the Stainless steel rear part ensures excellent wear protection against the sear. Inner diameter is 13,3mm so you can use strong springs from our offer bellow.  Please select one of two springs bellow.

Spring guide is made of one piece steel material.  The outer diameter is 9 mm and it is designed only for the upgrade springs bellow. 

Springs are offered in range from M160 to M170. You can simply select it bellow, befor add into shopping cart. Please note it is quite hard to pull back stronger spring. Output FPS is affected also by HopUp rubber sealing so it may be different on different guns. Better performence can be reached by better sealing or precision barrel.

Set is dedicated for Marui AWS and Well copies MB44xx series (for example 4401,4402,4403,4404, 4410, 4411,4412...etc),

but you have to use 90° CNC trigger mechanism. You can buy it here.

Set is not suitable for VSR, MB02,03, M24, MB01..etc.


  • Outer piston diameter: 19,7 mm
  • Inner piston diameter: 13,4 mm
  • Piston length: 77,5  mm
  • Piston weight: 30g
  • Spring guide lenth: 69,30mm
  • Spring guide diameter: 8,95mm
  • Spring length: 170 - 190mm
  • Spring outer diameter: 12,8mm

Photo : 90° upgrade set AWS, MB44xx SNIPER - model 2015

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