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PSJ-M3 gen.2 with universal wire set

Brand : GrizzlyAirsoft
Product Code : GRZ00040
Availability: 1 pcs
46,49 EUR

Description :

PSJ-M3 brings revolution to gearbox III replicas. All the great function of first generation of PSJ-M2 are kept - completely contactless switching by magnets combined with powerfull MOSFET cooled by whole gearbox, active break fully functional in any mode set, programmable burst. Plus you will find new fire modes, correct instalation indication and many more new functions. So it corresponds with second generation of GRIZZLY processor units.


This unit is suitable for all AEG replicas with gearbox version III. It was tested in gearboxes of following manufacturers*: 

AimTop, APS, ASG Ultimate, Cyma, DBoys, Guarder, RetroArms, SHS, SRC


PSJ-M3 functions

1) Fire modes

  • 6 preset fire modes
  • allows you to set burst mode from 1 up to 255 shots on one trigger press, this setting works in all modes containing burst
  • automatically switches from burst to full auto without any delay
  • modes are fully programmable by trigger itself (see below)

2) Rate of fire

  • allows you to set delay between two following shots
  • programmable by trigger (see below)

3) Special functions

  • reset to default settings - you can simply reset all settings to their default values by trigger (see below)
  • manual mode - if you PSJ indicates damage and you are sure it is not mechanical and your replica is able to shoot, you can access manual mode, in which malfunction is ignored and you can fire on full auto mode only (WARNING! By poor judgement, you can cause more damage to your replica!)

4) Mos-fet

  • no mechanical switch, everything is contactless
  • faster trigger response
  • increases rate of fire as well as battery life
  • maximum current up to 202A constant and 808A in peek

5) Active break

  • stops motor immediately with piston in default position and sping loose
  • increases lifetime of piston, sping and many other parts
  • always finishes whole rotation of gear wheels
  • fully functional in all fire modes

6) Malfunction detection

  • detects mechanical damage and blocks trigger from causing any more damage
  • warns user by vibrating (see below)

7) Li-Pol/Li-Ion/Li-Fe battery check

  • when lithium battery is discharged, warns user by vibrating (see below)
  • setting battery type by trigger 
  • can be switched off for Ni-MH, Ni-Cd batteries

8) Realistic trigger operation

  • trigger sensitivity can be set during installation to best fit your demands (see instalation manual)

9) Anti-reversal latch

  • not needed if your motor is powerful enough (it is recommended to keep it)
  • solves problem with double shot on semi

10) Everything is set inside your gearbox

  • whole unit is inside your gearbox, replacing trigger contacts
  • only two power wires comes from gearbox
  • for easier installation, unit equipped with indication of correct installation 



Fire modes:

1) Preset modes:

  Selector on semi:    Selector on auto:
1.   Semi Burst / Auto
2. Semi Auto
3. Semi Semi
4. Semi Burst only
5. Burst only Auto
6. Burst only Burst / Auto


2) Unit programming:

a) For programming, connect battery and within 5 seconds press and hold trigger for another 5 seconds. Entering is confirmed by motor vibrating twice.
b) Next, choose category from menu by pressing trigger as many times as is the number you wish to select. 
c) After that, press and hold trigger for 5 second to enter submenu. Your choise is confirmed by motor vibrating as many times as is selected number.
d) When changing fire mode (menu 3), every trigger press is followed by motor vibrating as many times as is selected number of fire mode. Submenu goes in cycle, after number 6 follows number 1.
e) When you are done with setting value, press and hold trigger for 5 seconds to save your settings. Double vibration confirms successful saving and exiting programming function.


 Category (choice confirmed by vibrating in count of selected number)  Value (after you select value, confirm it by holding trigger for 5s)
 1) Burst setting  Number of trigger presses = number of shots on burst (default = 3 shots)
 2) Battery check setting  1) Li-pol, Li-on (default)
   2) Li-Fe
   3) Off (recommended for NiMH, NiCD)
 3) Fire mode setting  1) Semi - Burst/Auto (default)
   2) Semi - Auto
   3) Semi - Semi 
   4) Semi - Burst only
   5) Burst only - Auto 
   6) Burst only - Burst/Auto 
 (selection in this submenu is confirmed by vibrating in count of selected number)
 4) Shooting delay setting  Every trigger press = +20ms
   (everytime you set delay, you start from default value - for default value, just hold trigger for 5s) 
 5) Reset to default values 
 (returns all settings to their default values)   
 Hold trigger for 5s to confirm restart. If you do not wish to restart your settings, disconnect your battery.


Example of programming: First, I connect battery and press and hold trigger for 5 seconds. Double vibration sounds. I press trigger 3 times and then press and hold for 5s - I'm entering Fire mode setting. I press trigger, after every press vibrations tell me which mode I'm on. I pressed trigger 5 times, which means I choose number 5 (mode Burst only - Auto). Five vibrations sound, so I press and hold trigger for 5s. Now double vibration sounds, which means my setting is saved and I exited programming. My replica is ready with selected setting.



Motor vibrations meaning:

  • 1x vibration: each time you connect battery - states, that unit is ready
  • 2x vibration: entering setting mode, saving and exiting setting mode
  • 3x vibration: malfunction or damage detected
  • 4x vibration: low battery detected
  • 5x vibration: entering manual mode




Technical parameters:

  • Only high quality silicone wiring is used. 1mm2 in cut and ampacity up to 42A constant.
  • MOSFET with maximum current up to 202A constant and 808A in peek allows use without any restrictions.
  • MOSFET is efectively cooled by whole gearbox.
  • Whole unit is covered in varnish for maximum lifetime even in challenging conditions.
  • Current consumption of unit is 30mA tops.
  • Dimensions only 51x15x14mm.




Package contents:

  • processor unit PSJ-M3 gen.2
  • complete silicone wiring of your choice
  • insulation foil
  • user and instalation manual

Aditional parts included in version with complete accessories:

  • modified selector plate with magnet
  • heat conducting foil - 2pcs
  • two different magnets for trigger, one for cut-of lever
  • Dean-T plug - male (can be changed, please leave a note if you need other type of plug)
  • gold-plated motor plugs - 2pcs
  • heat schrink tubings

WARNING: PSJ-M3 should be installed by qualified AEG professionals only. Manufacturer is not liable for any damage on the gun caused by unprofessional installation. Do not use soldering gun!


Photo : PSJ-M3 gen.2 with universal wire set

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